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Noel leads the organization’s vision and strategy; sources opportunities and financing; develops relationships, acquisitions, business partners and alliances; builds key team members; and negotiates all major transactions.

Noel has key healthcare experience and is best known as a highly successful serial entrepreneur with multiple ventures over 25 years:

  • Prior to founding iHealthcare, Noel served as the Chairman and CEO of Pharma Health, a national distributor of healthcare products and services.
  • In 1992, Noel formed Global Traders and became an authorized dealer for NCR and its ATM Division in Latin America and the Caribbean basin and held the position of President and CEO.
  • Noel founded Safe Wrap of America in 1995, an international baggage wrap security company operating in nine countries and was its President and CEO.
  • More recently, Noel saw an opportunity to revolutionize legal resources for professionals and founded The Subpoena Company and became a formidable legal vendor with attorneys and publicly-traded insurance companies nationwide. Shortly thereafter, Mijares expanded his reach with the legal sector and formed Unisource Discovery, Inc., a digital records retrieval and eDiscovery company and became a thought leader and well-published author in this area.

As Chief Executive Officer and President of iHealthcare, Noel leads the growth of the company by applying constant and never ending improvement in the areas of product research and development, including acceleration of software technology-based medical systems, designed to improve healthcare delivery, everywhere. Noel firmly believes that there are a host of opportunities to capitalize upon that will undoubtedly place iHealthcare at the forefront of the industry, something he views as paramount and part of his fiduciary responsibilities to shareholders. This endeavor will include acquiring companies that can immediately contribute to this process.

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