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iHealthConnect was designed with input from healthcare providers to ensure that an application was created that was perfectly tailored to your needs. We believe that healthcare providers deserve technology that allows them to focus on what’s most important, the patients.

This web-based hospital management software is designed to let you do your best work by managing the inner workings of a hospital in a paperless environment. Being modular in nature, it easily integrates all aspects of a hospital.

  • User Registration
  • Patient Registration
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Admission, Discharge and Transfer Tracker
  • Disease Management
  • Audit Reporting
  • Patient Portal
  • Interfaces

Its ready to use functionality makes it suitable for quick implementation and the perfect application for hospitals and specialty healthcare providers of any size. iHealthConnect is easy to use and documents using the natural flow of conversation.

A single application is used to link patient demographics and medical records to insurance, billing, and case information. These features make this system cutting edge, raising the bar for the industry from passively gathering data to effectively helping providers improve quality to deliver the best health care possible.

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